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Winus s.r.l.

WINUS refrigerators are suitable for the oenological, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries. The company produces a vast range of coolers with cooling power that runs from 1.4kW to 105kW. The special design and assembly process of the WINUS chillers offers you a high quality product at a competitive price.

• AISI 304 Stainless steel construction.
• Built-in control panel with IP55 protection.
• Easy access to all internal parts and the control panel.
• Cooling circuit made with copper piping.
• Condenser composed of copper piping and aluminum fins.
• Coaxial or Plate type evaporator (varies according to cooler model).
• Corrosion resistant hydraulic circuit (steel, brass).
• Pump capable of working at very low temperatures with 45% mixture of propylene glycol.
• Fan Speed control system lets the machines run at room temperatures from 23F to +109F

• Chilling must for extraction of color and increase complexity of aromas.
• Heating of must after cold soak to start primary fermentation.
• Clarification of must for white wines.
• Fermentation at controlled temperatures.
• Tartaric precipitation.
• Heating of wines for secondary fermentation (MLF).