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Pneumatic presses Series X

Prospero is now offering the new X Series pneumatic presses. 
These sophisticated yet easy to use presses are great for high volume winemakers. The robust design of the X series allows for a reliable, durable, and long lasting press that is one of the highest quality in its industry. 
The rugged design also allows for very little service and maintenance.

The X Series is equipped with our most advanced control system. This includes an adjustable pressing program that allows the press to run itself with just the push of a button. 
Manual cycles are another feature of the pressing program. 

A broad range of accessories and options allow for the customer to design their press according to their own needs (central filling valve, dumping hopper, platforms, motorized hatch, and juice pan). 


Data sheet


Nominal volume (L):

Capacity integral grapes (Kg):

Capacity fresh lees (kg):

Capacity fermented lees (kg):

PST80 8000 4000-5600 12500-17500 20000-24000
PST100 10000 5000-7000 15500-22000 25000-30000
PST130 13000 6500-9000 20000-28000 32500-39000
PST150 15000 7500-10500 23000-33000 37500-45000
PST200 15000 10000-15000 30000-44000 50000-60000