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Cross flow filter Aladino

The Aladino cross flow filter’s are very efficient and reliable, composed of Stainless steel with polypropylene hollow fiber membranes.

Aladino is used for the following processes:

- producing wine with residual sugar
- malolactic fermentation prevention
- sweet wine filtration
- to stop anomalous fermentations
- to enhance the primary and secondary aromas
- to get young wines clear with only one filtration
- to stop the use and disposal of DE
- to extend the lifetime of filtration membranes during the bottling process


Data sheet

Tech Sheet Aladino 25
n. of modules 2
Surface (mq) 25
Output (l/h) 1.200-2.200
Power (Kw) 5.25
Weight (lbs) 572
Dimension (in.) 6.3 x 3 x 7.7