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The Midex VFN is a flexible impeller pump head from Liverani.
The VFN uses a precision machined head made of Stainless steel casting; this precision construction allows the Midex to reach 3 bar of pressure.

The Midex- VFN pump has a TB Wood’s variable speed frequency drive; this allows the speeds to be controlled from the digital control panel on the pump or with the remote control.

Another unique function of the Midex-VFN also allows the pump to be controlled by your Monoblock when bottling.
The Midex-VFN can operate on either single phase or three phase 220 Volt power.


Data sheet

1.5” tri-clover fittings
25 GPM
220 Volt, single phase power
3-phase motor
50 ft cord with remote, forward & reverse and
speed control
A.C. frequency variable speed drive