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Labeling Monoblocks series 6014W


Automatic Monoblock composed of Stainless steel:

- Inclined foil dispenser, model 4603D-407, suitable for tin, poly-laminated and shrink-wrap foils with cork detection photocell, bottle neck centering device and foil pressing plunger.

- Sleeking head for tin and poly-laminate capsule with head speed rotation adjusted by inverter from 1,000 to 2,000 rpm (for aluminum foils, add pre smoothing unit 4060-5000).

- Linear labeler suitable for self-adhesive labels with:
-- body label station with step by step motor and height adjustment
-- back-label station with step by step motor and height adjustment

Labeling stations and Monoblock centrally managed through main control panel with display TOUCH SCREEN 5 x 7” (memory for different bottles).
Bottles enter by infeed screw having variable step for capsule supplier and sleeker. Machine supplied with safety guards in accordance with CE standards and equipped for one type of cylindrical bottle.

For poly-laminate and tin caps 800-1.200 bottles/hour INVERTER
For shrinking caps 800-2,500 bottles/hour INVERTER
Machine supplied with 0.5Hp carrier and 500 mm plate


- Labels up to a max. of 300 mm on cylindrical bottles
- Paper passage 190 mm and blade 190mm
- Label application tolerance ± 1 mm (on cylindrical bottles)
- Maximum number of label dispensing stations 4
- Label roll with inside diameter 76 mm and outside diameter 280 mm
- Height adjustable stations, between 10 and 150 mm from the bottom of the bottle
- Possible installation of a thermal transfer printer
- Possible mechanical orientation (bottle mark search)
- Possible optical orientation
- Eventually station for second back label with step by step motor and height adjustment
- Possible station for affixing a neck label or second back label with step motor.
- Support for vertical and angle adjustment
- Suitable for cylindrical or tapered bottles, maximum taper 1.5°
- Bottle diameter from 60 to 115 mm (optional from 50 to 60 mm)
- Bottle height from 230 to 400 mm with capsule supplier
- Bottle height from 170 to 400 mm only labeling


Data sheet

MODEL   6014
Cap distribution magazine 300-600
Number of sleeking heads 1
Number of thermal heads 1 opt
Labeling stations 4 MAX
Labeling roll diameter mm 280 MAX
Thermal transfer printer 1 opt
Air pressure sleeker – thermic bar 4-6
Sleeker-thermal air consumption Lt/b 2.5-4.8
Sleeking heads speed b/h 800-1200
Thermal head speed b/h 800-2500
Weight Kg 720
Sleeker – thermic Kw 1.75-3.15