Technology at the service of old traditions


In 1979 GAI introduced an innovation: the first “Monoblock” with a 12-spout filler and single-head corker. Thirty years later, with more than 15,000 Monoblocks sold worldwide, the Monoblock solution continues to stand out for practicality and efficiency. The goal of GAI is to produce machines which are easy to use, reliable and timeless.

GAI’s extensive research, design and development has created the possibility to perform the entire bottling process with only two Monoblocks:
The first: bottle rinsing – de-aeration – filling – gas injection leveling – bottle closure;
The second: exterior bottle washing – drying – capsuling and labeling.

Highly modular solutions allows GAI to produce over 90% of the components within the factory.
This translates into benefits in terms of quality, cost and availability of high quality parts.