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Cork feeders 4140W Cork feeder 4140-80001 / 4140-99100 / 4140-99200 Cork feeder 41400-80000 Screw caps feeders 4290W Champagne semi-automatic labeling GAI 626 CH Champagne semi-automatic labeling GAI 6206 CH Wine cellar trolley Cantinello Automatic barrels re-filler - Colmì C2-W3 COOLER C2-W3 2T COOLER C2-W5 C2-W9 COOLERS C2-W9 4T COOLER C2-W11 READY COOLER Champagne bottle neck freezer Dosage addition: dual head dosage Enolta wire hooder: hidraulic cagin machine for cork type GIS 4 Enolta Mini-Lux GAI Capsule Crimping 2003-MS-TG/1 Baby Depal - Depalletizer FORM 1300 HM / NS CARTON ERECTOR INCA 1200 M INSER 1200 CH 800 NS / HM UNIBLOCK 6000