Technology at the service of old traditions

About us

About us

PEC International provides services of sales and technical support for the beverage industry.

We have a wide variety of equipment for the production and process of high quality wines, beer, distilled and soft drinks and oils.
Our agents are all highly trained technicians that reside in the areas they serve in addition they are winemakers with multiple years of experience and will know exactly how to help you meet your needs. 

Our experience has developed and grown step by step, side by side with the manufacturers of the equipment we offer. It has been a privileged relationship that has brought us around the world.

Our company caters to wineries around the world that want to rely on the latest technology but don’t want to forsake the old traditions. We have been pioneers in some areas as Georgia, Moldavia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Turkey etc.
Our mission is not only to sell our products, but to partner our clients, putting at their disposal not only our machines, but our post sales services and our experience.

PEC International furnishes a wide variety of equipment:
• Crusher-Destemmers (Cma)
• Pneumatic membrane presses (Skrlj Group)
• Flexible impeller pump (Liverani)
• Peristaltic Pumps (Cma)
• Lobe Pumps (Omac)
• Moinopump and Volumetric pumps (Cma)
• Vinificators (Skrlj)
• Filtration Systems (Spadoni, Omac Enosoluzioni)
• Automatic monoblocks
• Rinser, filler, corker, cappers (Gai)
• Labelers (Gai, Enos)
• Automation packaging (Ape)
• Barrels & Barriques (new and regenerated).

In addition we also offer quick parts assistance and service.